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Every academic institution needs a good library and IBTS Centre is no exception. Our library, consisting of around 40,000 titles, is taking up as much space as all the offices of the Baptist House put together do. From the pages of their books, countless scholarly voices enhance the learning, studying and teaching experience of our staff and students.

Our main specialisation area is Baptist and Anabaptist Studies. You will find important series like Studies in Baptist History and Thought by Paternoster and Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Studies by Regent’s Park College on our shelves, but also many monographs by past and current Baptist scholars, including MA and PhD theses by (former) staff and students of IBTS.

A second, equally important, specialisation is in Missions/Missiology. As a recognition of the quality of our Missions collection, we have been selected to participate in the World Library Program of Edinburgh 2010. Through this program we receive the Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series, published by Regnum Books International, an imprint of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, which provides our students and staff with a current perspective on mission worldwide.

A special collection within our library is the Baptisten Seminarium Collection. This is the former library of the Dutch Baptist Seminary, with which we share our offices. This collection of about 1,500 titles consists of resources that support the curriculum of the Seminary, many of which are in Dutch. As such, it is an important tool in the IBTS Centre Library to serve the Dutch Baptist community.

The ISSR Library is also worth mentioning. Our library was awarded this collection by the International Society of Science and Religion in 2011. It is a foundational library in the field of science and religion and consists of 224 books spanning all important areas and disciplines as well as key international and intercultural voices. More info here: http://www.issrlibrary.org


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