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PhD Studies

Doing PhD Studies at IBTSC

IBTSC offers the opportunity for study towards the award of a PhD as a collaborative centre within the Faculty of Theology of the VU AmsterdamThe way in which IBTSC operates is to provide initially a ‘Pre-registration programme’. This programme normally lasts between one and two years depending on the quality and quantity of work produced by the student. 

During this programme applicants have their abilities to do PhD research tested, their skills developed, their project focussed, their ideas and work advanced, any additional required European Credits achieved and are supported in producing a developed PhD proposal which if successful, will have them enrolled in the Vrije Universiteit graduate school with IBTSC Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam supervisors in place.​ The IBTSC programme is designed for students who hold a master’s degree in theology (MTh, MPhil, ThM) from an accredited institution in Anglo-American context or a two-year Bologna type academic master’s degree from an accredited Continental European University.


Detailed information and Application forms for the PhD programme will be posted on this page at the end in December 2017.


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