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Journal of European Baptist Studies


The Journal of European Baptist Studies is published by the International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS) in Prague, Czech Republic.

In its eleventh year of production and issued three times per year, the annual subscription is:

  • 425 CZK (€16) for Europe and the Middle East
  • 600 CZK (US$30) for the rest of the world

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Volume 13 (2012/13)

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The first issue of the Journal of European Baptist Studies appeared in September 2000. The purpose of this journal is to give Baptists in Europe the opportunity to explore issues of theology and practice that are relevant to them.

In the past fifteen years there have been massive changes in Europe. The political landscape has changed dramatically. For European Baptists, one of the most far-reaching changes has been the increasingly significant part being played by the Baptist communities in Central and Eastern Europe. This journal has as one of its concerns a European-wide dialogue between Baptists and others which engages with the different traditions from which we draw, Eastern, Central, Southern and Western.

This institution is responsible to the European Baptist Federation, which draws together over fifty national Baptist Unions. Leaders and scholars within a number of those Unions support the journal and see it as one of a number of ways by which IBTS can encourage Baptist scholars.

In each issue of the journal there are articles by Baptist scholars. The themes addressed are of particular relevance to Baptists, although the journal is read by a wider public. It aims to give opportunity for a range of people to write – seminary teachers, other academics, research students and Baptist denominational leaders and members. It is not limited to one specialised area. Articles cover biblical, theological, missiological and historical study that relates to Baptist life and thought.

Those who write for this journal are free to express their own views. Sometimes these may not be the views of IBTS or of the European Baptist Federation. Indeed it would be difficult to state any one EBF view on some of the issues that are covered. The desire of those involved in teaching at IBTS, however, is that this journal should contribute to the growth and health of Baptist witness in Europe today.

JEBS Editorial Team

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