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IBTS - International Baptist Theological Seminary

"IBTS is an international learning and research community at the cutting edge of theological education"

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International Baptist Theological Study Centre Amsterdam

The Baptist House
Postjesweg 175
1062 JN

Tel: 0031 2021 030 25


International Baptist Theological Seminary of the European Baptist Federation o.p.s.

Nad Habrovkou 3
164 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic

Tel: + 420 296 392 311


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Occasional Publications

A Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought

General editor: J H Y Briggs; associate editors: Peder Eidberg, Keith G Jones, Toivo Pilli, Wiard Popkes, Ian M Randall and Sergei V Sannikov

2009, 541 pages

Price: 785 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 978-1-84227-535-1

Baptists and the Orthodox Church

On the way to understanding.

Editor: Ian M Randall

2003, 112 pages

Price: 200 CZK + p&p

Currents in Baptistic Theology of Worship Today

Editors: Keith G Jones and Parush R Parushev

2007, 180 pages

Price: 200 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 80-87006-05-4

Eastern European Baptist History: New Perspectives

Editors: Sharyl Corrado and Toivo Pilli

2007, 255 pages

Price: 250 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 80-87006-02-X

Involuntarily Free or Voluntarily Bound

Singleness in the baptistic communities of post-communist Europe.

Author: Lina Andronoviene

2003, 60 pages

Price: 150 CZK + p&p

Scholar, Pastor, Martyr: The Life and Ministry of Balthasar Hubmaier (ca.1480 - 1528)

Author: H Wayne Walker Pipkin

2008, 118 pages

Price: 250 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 978-80-87006-07-8

The European Baptist Federation: A Case Study in European Baptist Interdependency 1950-2006

Author: Keith G Jones

2009, 319 pages

Price: 490 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 978-1-84227-639-6

The Nordenhaug Lectures 2003
Theology in a Postmodern Age

Author: Nancey Murphy

Revised Edition 2004, 64 pages

Price: 150 CZK + p&p

The Nordenhaug Lectures 2005
Border Crossings: Exploring Social Theology in Christianity and Islam

Author: Michael H Taylor

2006, 79 pages

Price: 150 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 80-87006-00-3

The Place of Environmental Theology

A guide for seminaries, colleges and universities

Editors: John Weaver and Margot R Hodson

2007, 130 pages

Price: 200 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 80-87006-04-6

The Whitley Lecture 1999
A Shared Meal and a Common Table

Some reflections on the Lord’s Supper and Baptists

Author: Keith G Jones

2004, 27 pages

Price: 100 CZK + p&p

Research Publications

Academic Reasoning, Research and Writing in Religious Studies

A Concise Handbook

Author: Parush R Parushev and Rollin G Grams

2008, 110 pages

Price: 195 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 978-80-7399-099-2

Anabaptism and Mission

Author: Edited by Wilbert R Shenk and Peter F Penner

2007, 339 pages

Price: 560 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 978-3-937896-43-4

Bible and Mission

A Conversation between Biblical Studies and Missiology

Author: Rollin G Grams, I Howard Marshall, Peter F Penner, Robin Routledge

2008, 314 pages

Price: 495 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 978-3-937896-69-4

Christian Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Editors: Wesley H Brown and Peter F Penner

2008, 238 pages

Price: 495 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 978-3-937896-57-1

Christian Presence and Witness Among Muslims

From a Conference at IBTS in February 2004

Author: Edited by Peter F Penner

2005, 199 pages

Price: 430 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 3-937896-16-3

Counter-Cultural Communities

Baptistic Life in Twentieth-Century Europe.
Studies in Baptist History and Thought, Vol 32.

Editors: Keith G Jones and Ian M Randall

2008, 366 pages

ISBN: 978-1-84227-519-1

Ethnic Churches in Europe: A Baptist Response

Author: Edited by Peter F Penner

2006, 255 pages

Price: 475 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 3-937896-42-2

Mapping Baptistic Identity
Rival Versions of Theological Enquiry

Author: Rollin G Grams

2005, 132 pages

Price: 200 CZK + p&p

Mapping Baptistic Identity
Towards an Understanding of European Baptist Identity

Listening to the Churches in Armenia, Bulgaria, Central Asia, Moldova, North Caucasus, Omsk and Poland.

Author: Edited by Rollin G Grams and Parush R Parushev

2006, 196 pages

Price: 250 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 80-87006-01-1

Mission in the Former Soviet Union

Papers from an IBTS Research Conference held in February 2003.

Author: Edited by Walter W Sawatsky and Peter F Penner

2005, 295 pages

Price: 395 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 3-937896-17-1

The Practice of Ministry

An Introductory Handbook

Author: Keith G Jones

2008, 191 pages

Price: 250 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 978-80-7399-592-8

Theological Education as Mission

Articles resulting from a conference at IBTS in February 2005.

Author: Edited by Peter F Penner

2005, 371 pages

Price: 395 CZK + p&p

ISBN: 3-937896-18-X

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