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International Baptist Theological Seminary of the European Baptist Federation o.p.s.

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The Revd docent Dr Parush R Parushev

The Revd docent Dr  Parush R Parushev

Vice Rector and Ředitel


Parush Parushev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and grew in an atheistic family that had strong affinities with Communist ideals and practice. His ideological beliefs were challenged by the witness of believers' communities in Poland, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. He committed his life to Christ in the Baptist Church in Sofia in 1990.

His first degree BS/MS was in Precision Instrumentation with the Technical University in St. Petersburg, Russia. He obtained his first PhD degree, in Applied Mathematics, in 1977 from the same university. His more than twenty years of teaching and scientific research experience includes key academic positions with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Sofia University. He holds a habilitation in Applied Mathematics and in 1992 ha was made a Fellow of Petri Primi Academy of Science and Art, St Petersburg, Russia.

He is a member of several national and international academic societies and a recipient of national and international grants and awards. The results of his academic work have been published in six monographs, more then one hundred scientific publications and eighteen patents. He has done an extensive editorial work as well. He has taught science at all levels. As a permanent and visiting faculty professional he did academic work with various Bulgarian and foreign universities. He has mentored Doctoral and Master's dissertations in engineering and mathematics.

Parush has been involved in the re-establishing of the Baptist higher theological education in Bulgaria, suspended after 1939. In 1991 the Baptist Union appointed him bi-vocationally as Director of the Bulgarian Baptist Theological Institute (BBTI).

After short term theological training in Sofia and at IBTS, Růschlikon, Parush followed God's call into full-time service of God's people. In 1993 he went to study theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. In 1996 Parush graduated with Master of Divinity in theology. The same year Parush enrolled in a PhD programme, which he continued at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. There he studied Christian Ethics, Theology and Philosophy with Dr. G. H. Stassen, Dr. J. Wm. McClendon, Jr. and Dr. N. Murphy. In September 2006 he submitted his doctoral dissertation: “Walking in the Dawn of the Light: On the Salvation Ethics of the Ecclesial Communities in the Orthodox Tradition from Radical Reformation Perspective” and was awarded PhD degree summa cum laude in theology with specialist areas in Christian ethics and moral philosophy.

In 1996 Parush was re-installed as a faculty member of the BBTI and later was appointed as Docent of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute, Sofia. He is an adjunct professor of theology and biblical studies at California Christian College in Fresno, California. He has taught different undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses in Christian Ethics, Applied Theology and Biblical Studies at several theological schools and seminaries in Europe and the US. He is a member of AAR, ETSNA, IAMS, FEET and of several other academic communities in Europe and the US. He was a member of the Society of Christian Philosophers, the Commission on Christian Ethics of the BWA and the Division of External Relations of EBF.

Parush has written for and been author, co-author and editor of several theological works. His writing is mainly in the area of applied theology and mission studies. He has contributed chapters to books and Dictionaries. He is on the editorial team of the Journal of European Baptist Studies and Baptistic Theologies. He regularly authors articles in theological journals. He is a popular conference speaker.

Parush was appointed as Director of Applied Theology at the International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague, in 2000, Pro-Rector/ Academic Dean of the seminary in 2002, Course Leader of PhD and MPhil research studies in 2005, and currently serves as the Rector of IBTS. He is also co-Director of the Institute of Systematic Study of Contextual Theologies at IBTS.

Parush is an ordained Baptist minister. He served Bulgarian and international Christian communities in different pastoral and teaching ministries.

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