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Vision, Values and Mission of IBTS Centre

Vision of IBTS Centre

To serve the European Baptist Federation and wider Baptist community as a theological research community committed to academic excellence, providing extensive resources and disseminating the knowledge gained for the benefit of churches, individuals and ministries in their local context.

Core Values of IBTS Centre

Scripture: IBTS Centre places a high value on the place of scripture – especially its contextual reading

Baptist tradition: IBTS Centre is committed to the Baptist tradition serving primarily the unions of EBF and the wider Baptist community

Community: worship, fellowship and mutual support are essential to all good learning and formation in faith

Respect: IBTS Centre promotes critical thinking and engagement in an atmosphere of humility and respect for differing opinions

Excellence: Academic excellence and excellence in delivery of programmes is a mark of Christian discipleship

Collaboration: Collaboration rather than competition should be the hallmark of Christian theological education

Service: our priority is to serve the church through the work of the Centre

Relevance: our research, teaching and learning must be contextually rooted and relevant in the contemporary context

Mission of IBTS Centre

To support, resource, inform and enable Baptist ministry and mission across the EBF region through the provision of educational programmes that are contextually relevant, biblically based, convened and co-constituted in partnerships around the EBF region in the service of EBF member Unions and Seminaries.


IBTS Centre Amsterdam has three key reseach areas:





IBTS Centre Amsterdam functions as:

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