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The Revd Dr J Andrew Kirk

The Revd Dr J Andrew Kirk [nové okno]

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Kirk has spent a lifetime teaching at either a postgraduate level or in adult education. He has wide experience in teaching in cross-cultural situations: Argentina; other parts of Latin America; the USA; Africa; Asia; Melanesia and Australasia.

His most recent teaching and supervising responsibilities have been at The Oxford Centre for Mission Studies; IBTSC, the University of Bucharest and the London School of Theology. Dr Kirk has examined PhD theses at universities in Birmingham, Bristol, Brunel, Cape Town, Dunedin, Durham, Edinburgh, Manchester, St. Andrew’s, Wales and the Free University in Amsterdam.

Dr Kirk's current research interests include: Secular Culture and Christian Mission – an examination of the challenges of a secular age to a missionary faith; Latin American Contextual Theologies - in particular the nature of integral mission as seen from a Latin American perspective; The Nature and Practice of Theology as ‘Missionary Theology.’ He has two books awaiting publication one in regard to the use and abuse of language used in the context of current social and political ideologies and one as an historical enquiry into what it means to be human.


Dr Kirk has published many books and articles some of which are:

The Mission of Theology and Theology as Mission (1997)  (published in the USA and UK)

The Meaning of Freedom: a study of Secular, Muslim and Christian Views (1998)

What is Mission? Theological Explorations (1999) (also published in Swedish, Korean and Portuguese)

Mission under Scrutiny: Confronting Current Challenges (2006)

The Future of Reason, Science and Faith: Following Modernity and Postmodernity (2007)

Civilisations in Conflict? Islam, The West and Christian Faith (2011)

Mision Cristiana bajo la Lupa  (Christian Mission under the Magnifying Glass) (2011)

Mission as Dialogue: Engaging the Current Epistemological Predicament of the West (2011)

The Church and the World: Understanding the relevance of Mission (2014)

‘Following Modernity and Postmodernity: A Missiological Investigation’ in Mission Studies, Vol. XVII, 1,34, (2000);

‘John Hick’s Kantian Theory of Religion and the Challenge of Secular Thinking’ Studies in Interreligious Dialogue (2002).

‘The Confusion of Epistemology in the West and Christian Mission’, The Tyndale Bulletin, 55.1 (2004);

‘My Pilgrimage in Mission’ in The International Bulletin for Missionary Research, Vol. 28, No.2 (2004)

‘God is on our Side: The Anatomy of an Ideology’ in Transformation, Vol. 27, 4, October 2010

‘A Secular Age’ in a mission perspective: A Review Article in Transformation, Vol. 28, 3, July 2011

'The Post-Modern Condition and the Churches' (co-)mission in Rolv Olsoen (ed.), Mission and Postmodernities (Oxford: Regnum Books International, 2011)

‘Newbigin at the Areopagus: Arguing for Truth in the Market Place’ in Theology in Missionary Perspective: Lesslie Newbigin’s Legacy (2012)

‘Bringing Good News to the Poor: An Evangelical Imperative’ in Grounded in Grace: Essays to Honour Ian M. Randall (2013) 

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