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Professor Dr W Walter Sawatsky

Professor Dr W Walter Sawatsky [nové okno]

Senior Research Fellow

E-mail: Wsawatsky@aol.com

Dr Sawatsky was professor of church history and mission and director of the Mission Studies Center at the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) in Elkart, USA. He joined the faculty in 1990 and retired in 2012, although he continues to teach individual courses and counsel students. Dr Sawatsky combined AMBS teaching with teaching assignments in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and he held consulting roles with Mennonite Central Committee in Eastern Europe. He was administrator for a 31-volume Bible commentary series translated into Russian. In addition, Dr Sawatsky was a member of the organizing committee that led the creation of the five-volume Global Mennonite History, and he edited Mission Focus: Annual Review for nearly 20 years.


Among Dr Sawatsky's extensive publications are the following:


Soviet Evangelicals Since World War II, Scottdale: Herald Press, 1981, 527pp. Reprinted 2007 by Wipf & Stock; (Russian trans. 1996) both versions published as part of CD series, History of Euro-Asian Evangelical Movement, Primary Sources. Odessa, Ukraine, Electronic Christian Library, [in Russian] 2004.

Penner, Peter & Walter Sawatsky, eds. Mission in the Former Soviet Union. Schwarzenfeld: Neufeld Verlag, 2005. Author of chapters 3, 6, 8, 10, 12. Keynote Lectures International Baptist Theological Seminary, 2005.

Sawatsky, Walter, Charles Van Engen, James R. Krabill. eds. Evangelical, Ecumenical and Anabaptist Missiologies in Conversation. Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2006. Author of “Living and Writing the Vision. The Missiological Pilgrimage of Wilbert Shenk” 1-18; “What if the Three Worlds of Christian History Converged” 38-48.

Sawatsky, Walter. editor. Prophetic and Renewal Movements - The Prague Consultations. Proceedings of the Prague VI and Prague VII Multilateral Ecumenical Consultations (2000 & 2003). Studies of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches No.47. Geneva, 2009; author of “A Radical Reformation Perspective on Appropriating a more Inclusive Reformation Legacy Today” 111-120, “ 20th Century Anabaptist-Mennonites Re-shaped by Context - first, Second and Third Worlds” 177-188

Going Global with God as Mennonites for the Twenty-First Century. Newton KS, Bethel College, in process). Menno Simons Lectures Oct. 2014.


Journal Articles

“Changing Mentalities:  Inter-Relationships Between Mennonites and Slavic Evangelicals in Siberia and Central Asia,” Journal of Mennonite Studies, 2012,

“Russian Mennonite Organizational Collapse and the Failed Attempts to Form an Independent Organization, 1917-1989,” Mennonite Quarterly Review, XXXI, 4 (Oct. 2015). Expanded from presentation in Moscow (2/2014) at 50th anniversary conference of Russian-German Cultural Society.

“Whose Mission in Whose Europe - What Is Our Witness?” Baptistic Theologies Vol. 2:1/2, 2010.

“Tensions Between Evangelical Protestants in the Former Soviet Union and America since 1989 - A Reflective Commentary,” Religion in Eastern Europe, 27/4, 2007, 24-32.

“Orthodox-Evangelical Protestant Dialogue on Mission - Challenges and Shifting Options,” Acta Missiologiae, (CEEAMS Journal), Vol. 1 2008, 11-32.

“Historical Roots of a Post Gulag Theology for Russian Mennonites”, Mennonite Quarterly Review, LXXVI, 2 (April 2002), 149-180.

“Russian Orthodoxy Faces Issues of the Day and of the Century - Church and Society, Religious Pluralism, Martyrs and Mission,” Religion in Eastern Europe, XXII, 2 (April 2002) 1-15.

“What Are They Really Saying? Recent Scholarship on the Proselytism Problem in Eastern Europe Assessed.”, Fides et Libertas, 2001, 97-111.



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