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Dr Dorothy McMillan

Dr Dorothy McMillan [nové okno]

Managing Editor Journals

Joined IBTS in: 2016

E-mail: dorothy@ibts.eu

Dorothy trained as a school teacher and over her career taught in Primary Schools, was Principal of a Nursery School and then Senior Lecturer and Research Supervisor in Stranmillis University College, Belfast.  Dorothy's research interests lie in educational theory and practice as well as principles of leadership.  Dorothy and David joined BMS World Mission in 2015 and relocated to the Netherlands in 2016 to work with IBTSC.


Publications and Reports:

Walsh G, McMillan D and McGuinness C (eds) (2017) Playful Teaching and Learning. London: Sage

McMillan Dorothy J ‘Teacher Education in a Changing Society’ in Hȧbl J (ed) (2014) Jan Amos Comenius: Unchanging Legacy in Changing Society. Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic: Jan E Purkyne University

McMillan DJ and Walsh G ‘Early Years Professionalism - issues, challenges and opportunities’ in Miller L and Cable C (eds) (2011) Professionalization, Leadership and Management in the Early Years. London: Sage (pp.47-61)

Walsh G and McMillan DJ ‘War and Peace: childhood in NI’ in Clark M and Tucker S (eds) (2010) Early Childhoods in a Changing World. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books Limited

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

McMillan DJ, McConnell B and O’Sullivan H (2016) ‘Continuing professional development – why bother? Perceptions and motivations of teachers in Ireland’. Professional Development in Education Vol 42 (1) pp150-167

McMillan DJ and McConnell B (2015) ‘Strategies, systems and services: a Northern Ireland early years policy perspective’. International Journal of Early Years Education Vol 23:3 pp245-257

Dunn J, Niens U and McMillan D (2014) ‘ “Cos he’s my favourite character!” A children’s rights approach to the use of popular culture in teaching literacy’. Literacy Vol 48 (1) April 2014 pp 23-31

McMillan DJ, Walsh G, Gray C, Hanna K, Carville S and McCracken O (2012) ‘Changing Mindsets: the benefits of implementing a professional development model in early childhood settings in Ireland’. Professional Development in Education Vol 38:3 pp395-410

McMillan DJ (2009) ‘Preparing for educare: student perspectives on early years training in Northern Ireland’ International Journal of Early Years Education Vol 17 (3) pp219-235

McMillan DJ (2005) ‘Close Encounters: Issues in Pre-School Parental Involvement’ Child Care in Practice Vol 11:2 April pp119-134

Research Reports

Walsh G, McMillan D and Doherty A (2013) Aistear in Action: an evaluation of the Ballyfermot Early Years Language and Learning Initiative Programme. Dublin: Ballyfermot/Chapelizod Partnership

O’Sullivan H, McConnell B and McMillan DJ (2012) Continuous Professional Development and its Impact on Practice: A North-South Comparative Study of Irish Teachers’ Perceptions, Experiences and Motivations. Report to the Standing Committee of Teacher Education North and South (SCoTENS)

Walsh G, Gray C, McMillan D, Hanna K, McCracken O and Carville S (2011)

Professional Development for Early Childhood Professionals: Examining Pedagogy in Early Childhood. Department of Education and Science, Dublin

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