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Senior Research Fellow

Revd Dr Stuart Blythe

BD (Rueschlikon), MA (Glasgow), MTh (Wales/Spurgeon’s), MEd (University of the West of Scotland), PhD (Edinburgh)

Dr Blythe was the first Rector of the International Baptist Theological Study Centre Amsterdam from 2014-2017. Prior to that he was Senior Lecturer and acting principal of the Scottish Baptist College. Dr Blythe is now Professor of the John Gladstone Chair in Preaching and Worship and Dean of the Sarah Daley Nickerson Chapel at Acadia Divinity College, Canada.

Research Interests

Dr Blythe's research interest is in the field of Practical Theology with particular emphasis on research methodology, homiletics and education.


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Memberships & Networks

Accredited minister with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada
Member of the Evangelical Homiletics Society

Other Activities

‘Blessed are the poor in spirit...The mental well-being of young people, theological reflections and pastoral considerations’, Third Conference on Youth Ministry, Oxford, 1999.

‘Mair Lectures on Preaching’ at Glasgow University, November 2009: ‘Preaching as Theatres’.

‘Baptist Identity’ paper for Baptist Union of Scotland Council’, May 2010.

‘Baptist Convictions’ addresses to Baptist Union of Scotland Assembly, October 2010.

‘Keswick at Buckie Conference’, August 2011.

‘Preaching as Rough Theatre’ short paper delivered at Theatrical Theology Conference St Andrews University, (August, 2012).

‘Preaching the Year’, A Continuing Ministerial Education Event sponsored by the Scottish Episcopal Church Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway Centre for Ministry Development & Trinity College Continuing Ministerial Education, November, 2012.

‘Collaborative Preaching as Community Theatre’, post-graduate seminar paper delivered at IBTS Research Colloquium, Prague, January 2014.

‘Nationhood and Identity’, Irish Baptist Network, Belfast, May 2014.

‘Nationhood and Identity’, Newton Mearns Catalyst Event, Glasgow, May 2014

 ‘Athol Gill: Incarnational Disciple’, Convictional Theologies Conference, IBTSC, Amsterdam, November 2014.

‘How can we sing the LORD’s Song in a Foreign Land?’, Leadership in Ministry Seminar, Mennonite Church Canada, CMU Winnipeg, February 2015.

‘The Future of Theological Education’ EBF Council, Bucharest, September 2015.

‘Being in the World’, Leadership Conference for the Baptist Union of Norway, March 2016.

‘Re-Imagining Discipleship, Church, and Mission’ EBF Children and Youth Workers and Mission Conference, Vienna, March 2017.

‘Eating Forbidden Food: Peter, Baptist Polity and Engaging with Culture,’ Oasis Forum, Wolfville Baptist, 22 August 2018.

‘Flying Kites: Perspectives from the Other Side’, Simpson Lectures, ADC, 2018.

‘The Research Supervisor as Friend’, presented at, Ecclesiology and Ethnography Conference, Winnipeg, June 2018.

“Preaching as Though Scripture is Addressed to Us”, workshop presented at Lester Randall Preaching Fellowship, Toronto, November 12, 2018.

Leader of ‘Fine Tuned preaching’ group, Lester Randall Preaching Fellowship, Toronto, November 13, 2018.

Seminar: ‘Preaching as Oral Graffiti’, Lester Randall preaching Fellowship, Toronto, October 2019.