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Honorary Research Fellow

Revd docent Dr Parush R Parushev

BS, MS, PhD (St Petersburg), MDiv (Southern Seminary, Louisville, USA), PhD (Fuller Seminary, California)

Dr Parushev was deeply involved in the academic culture and development of IBTS Prague, first as Academic Dean and later as Rector. He is currently Rector of St. Trivelius Institute Sofia. He has held a number of academic positions at colleges and universities across Europe and the USA, authored and edited several books and published a number of academic works in science and theology. Dr Parushev is a member of a number of international academic bodies and expert groups of BWA, EBF, EEAA. He is an ordained Baptist minister.

Dr Parushev has a habilitation in the field of applied mathematics and extended habilitation in theology. He is a member of the Commissions on Freedom and Justice and on Theological Education and Leadership Formation of the Mission, Evangelism & Theological Reflections division of the Baptist World Alliance, member of the Ethical expert group of Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, member of the Visitation Evaluation Team of the European Evangelical Accrediting Association. 


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Ivana Noble, Kateřina Bauerová, Tim Noble and Parush Parushev, Cesty pravoslavné teologie ve 20. století na Západ [The Ways of Orthodox Theology in the West in the Twentieth Century]. Prague, CZ: Centrum pro studium democracie a kultury (CDK), 2012.
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Ivana Noble, Kateřina Bauerová, Tim Noble and Parush Parushev, The Ways of Orthodox Theology in the West in the Twentieth Century. Translated from Czech by Tim Noble. Foreword by John Behr. Yonkers, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press.
Ивана Нобл, Катержина Бауерова, Тим Нобл, Паруш Парушев, Пути Православного Богословия на Запад. Перевод Сергея Гагена и Юлии     Янчарковой. Серия „Современное богословие”. Москва, Издательство ББИ [Библейско-богословского института св. Апостола Андрея], 2016 [Russian Translation of Ivana Noble, Kateřina Bauerová, Tim Noble and Parush Parushev, Cesty pravoslavné teologie ve 20. století na Západ. Moscow, Russia: St Andrew’s Biblical and Theological Institute] 
Ivana Noble, Tim Noble, Parush Parushev, and Kateřina Bauer with an Introduction by Fr. John Behr, Wrestling with the Mind of the Fathers in (Post-)modern Orthodox Theology. Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2015.
Ivana Noble, Kateřina Bauerová, Tim Noble and Parush Parushev, Mnohohlas pravoslavné teologie ve 20. století na Západě. Prague, CZ: Centrum pro stadium democracie a kultury (CDK), 2016, in Czech,

Book Chapters

Parush R Parushev, Living the Vision: The Churches Getting Bulgaria to Rescue All Its Jews. Eugen, OR:  Pickwick. Imprint of Wipf and Stock (2017, forthcoming)
Parush R. Parushev, Mission in Culturally Orthodox Context, (2018, forthcoming)


Rollin G. Grams and Parush R. Parushev, editors, Towards an Understanding of European Baptist Identity: Listening to the Churches in Armenia, Bulgaria, Central Asia, Moldova, North Caucasus, Omsk and Poland. In Mapping Baptist Identity Research Publication Series, gen. editor Dr. Parush R Parushev, Volume 5. Prague, CZ: IBTS Publisher, 2006.
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