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IBTSC Amsterdam seeks to offer Baptist theological education in an international context in order to help prepare researchers and leaders for Church life, ministry, teaching, and leading throughout the world. It seeks to operate as efficiently as possible in term of its organisational structures. It aspires to help gifted people obtain qualifications even if they come from situations of economic disadvantage. It is not publicly funded. As a consequence in order to do this it relies upon the support of individuals and organisations in order to fulfil its vision.

IBTSC Amsterdam is pleased to work with various mission and educational agencies, churches, Unions, and individuals who have a concern for the development of quality evangelical theological education with a Baptist emphasis in Europe and beyond. The organisations listed below support IBTSC in a variety of ways and we are delighted to have their interest and commitment.

Many of the Baptist Unions in Europe also support the Centre in a variety of ways.

We are also grateful for the many individuals who contribute to the life of IBTSC through their prayers, volunteering, and financial support.

Donations towards the work of IBTSC can be sent to the following account:

Account Name: IBTSC

Bank: Rabobank Nederland

IBAN: NL43 RABO 0181 6602 02

Swift Code: RABONL2U

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