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Digital Theological Library

IBTS Centre is one of the co-owners of the Digital Theological Library (DTL). The DTL was initiated by The Claremont School of Theology and is a co-owned, born-digital library of religious and theological studies. The mission of the DTL is to provide its co-owning institutions with the highest quality digital resources in religious and theological studies at the lowest possible costs.


The catalogue of the DTL is open access, but access to the content is limited to students, staff and faculty of the co-owning institutions. The DTL contains more than 300,000 electronic books and subscribes to hundreds of journals, either directly, or through one of the 60 databases. Licensed databases included collections from ProQuest, JSTOR, Project Muse, Oxford Scholarship Online, Gale and many more.


Please visit http://www.digitaltheologicallibrary.org to search the catalogue.


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