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Library Catalogue

The catalogue of our collection is made available for everyone to see in our Online Public Access Catalogue.

There are three types of searches available:

  1. The basic search is what it pretends. You put in a keyword and you will get every catalogue entry with this exact word in any field.
  2. The advanced search gives you the option to combine keywords in different field, e.g. you can search for any entry about subject X by author Y.
  3. The guided search will be helpful if you don’t know the exact spelling of an author’s name or if you’re not exactly sure which keyword to use. Type in your keyword and the guided search will give you some suggestions.

If you have a library card with us, it is possible to login to your account in our OPAC with your barcode number and view your user and loan information. It also gives you the option to extend your loan.

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