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The print collection of the John Smyth Library consists of roughly 41,000 volumes. Our collection used to serve a resident study body up until 2012, so that is well reflected in the collection. We have a good general theological collection with an evangelical focus with materials in Biblical studies, (practical) theology, pastoral care, ethics, church history, with special attention to missiology/missions and ecumenical relations.


The main specialisation of our collection is Baptist/Anabaptist studies and to a lesser extent Mennonite studies. We have material in English, German, Dutch, Russian and various other European languages. We aim to have the most complete collection of European Baptist material that's available in once place, which makes our library a perfect starting point for students of European Baptist history, identity and practice.


Since the Digital Theological Library takes care of the general theological needs of our students and researchers, it is our policy to almost exclusively only acquire print material in our area of specialisation. We constantly add new material in Baptist/Anabaptist/Mennonite studies, but also buy retrospectively in these areas. In the file menu on the right, you can see a quarterly overview of our newly catalogued material.


We only subscribe to print journals and magazines when they have a distinguishable Baptist/Anabaptist signature. Many (European) Baptist organisation support our mission by sending us complimentary copies of their magazines and other publications. A list of our subscriptions will be available shortly.

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