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Are you keen to develop your practices as a missional leader, church planter or youth worker and to train others in this? Would you like to learn together with people from different countries and with different experiences while still being based at home? Would you also like the opportunity for sharing experiences around a real table, meeting fellow participants face to face?

Then the Learning Network has much to offer!


You will discover an innovative theological Learning Network throughout Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia enabling participants to facilitate and train others in their locations. The Learning Network is a collaborative venture that seeks to deliver high quality, accessible, inclusive, grounded, formational and inter-cultural theological education. The Learning Network develops courses in different ministry areas such as church planting, youth work and missional leadership,  organising a range of digital, residential, and local ‘moveable tables’ of learning to foster a community of learning.


Courses on Missional Leadership

The series of courses on Missional Leadership take a practical theological approach where participants start with their own lived experiences and learn to explore them thoroughly from different perspectives. By reflecting on experience and Scripture, participants learn how to develop more effective practices which can be integrated into everyday work and life. Participants will learn how to train people in their community to be practical theologians on the ground, to discern together, to ‘live’ and embody what they have learnt.


The four courses are:

1. Reimagining mission and learning in community – ten weeks online, starting in the week of 26 April 2021.

2. Self-awareness & identity in Missional Leadership – a residential in October 2021 and ten weeks online

3. Imitation and modelling in Missional Leadership – a residential in March 2022 and ten weeks online

4. Hospitality in Missional Leadership – a residential in October 2022 and ten weeks online


You may complete the application form here 



Freedom of Religion and Belief

European Baptist Federation Freedom and Justice Commission and the Learning Network of the International Baptist Theological Study Centre are offering a training of trainers course in Freedom of Religion or Belief for All. The 12 week course takes a human rights based approach to FoRB and will equip participants with the tools necessary to become trainers and advocates for FoRB in their context. Additionally, the programme will introduce participants to important Baptist perspectives on FoRB.

The first course has started in January. The next course will start early September 2021


For more information please mail Ingeborg at teloo@ibts.eu

For Missional Leadership, follow this link to an enquiry form.

For Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB), follow this link to an enquiry form.

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