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MA in Baptistic Histories and Theologies

The University of Manchester

IBTSC offers a British Master of Arts in Baptistic Histories and Theologies as an approved partner with the University of Manchester. This programme can be taken full time over one year and part-time over five years. A two to three year period is perfectly manageable for part-time students.

The programme design allows participants to follow one of three streams of interest: Anabaptist and Baptist History, Applied Theology, or Mission, within a broader perspective of doing theology in a "baptist" way. Assignments and unit design are intended to allow a good degree of contextual interpretation and application of the learning associated with each unit.

The MA consists of two parts. The first part involves the study of compulsory and optional units. These units are normally delivered through intensive teaching weeks (Mon-Fri) in Amsterdam supported by online resources. Intensive teaching weeks are offered in Aug/Sept, November, and February of each year. Individual units are usually assessed through one piece of written work of 3000 or 6000 words depending on the number of Credits associated with the unit. For those students wishing to complete the full MA the goal is to achieve 120 Credits in this way.

The second part of the MA is a written Dissertation of between 12000 and 15000 words written on a topic related to the students area of interest and is worth 60 Credits.

As well as providing learning in its own right the MA can be a basis for further study at research level.

Students can register for and leave the programme after 60 Credits and gain a Certificate or after 120 Credits and gain a Diploma.

For further details, programme structure, and admission requirements download the enquirers form.

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