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Sabbatical Options

IBTSC has a substantial library of theological books, mainly in English. We offer some specialised collections and a good quiet study space. The librarian is available at certain times of the week though the library is open every day Monday to Friday and occasionally at other times by special arrangement. For people on Sabbatical leave or pursuing specific research our facilities may be an attractive option.

IBTSC welcomes sabbatical visitors and will be happy to offer help in guiding study if desired. Visitors will be welcome to participate in daily worship, to meet with staff and be introduced to some aspects of Baptist life and history in Amsterdam. If you visit at the time of a particular conference or event you will be invited to participate wherever appropriate.

IBTSC has a guest room that may be available for those on sabbatical. Details available on request.

There is no charge for the use of the library facilities but we would ask that those who do so to agree to the following:

Donations will of course be welcomed but are not a requirement of study and any that are given can be directed as desired towards the library or to supporting the studies of students from countries where finding the necessary finance is very difficult.

Please contact the Director pears@ibts.eu if you are interested in this option.

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