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Journal of European Baptist Studies

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The journal was established in 2000 with the initial  purpose of providing a means for promising new Baptist researchers to publish the results of their reflections on theology.

From 2019 it became the main vehicle for the disseminiation of peer reviewed articles on biblical, theological, missiological, and historical themes. The primary focus is on the implementation and application of research and reflection. The vast majority of contributions are from both new and established researchers from within the EBF region.

This journal is published twice a year. It is indexed in the Atla Religion Database® and also included in the full text AtlaSerials® collection. Full text is also available in the EBSCO Academic Search products. Abstracts are available through Religious & Theological Abstracts

From Volume 19 (2019) the journal is published in open access in cooperation with the Index Theologicus and Tübingen University Press and can be found here. Back issues will gradually be made available in open access as well.

The annual subscription charge including postage for 2020 is €35 for personal subscriptions and €60 for institutional subscriptions.

Should you wish to subscribe to the Journal of European Baptist Studies, please write to our subscription management team, jebs@ibts.eu. Please be aware that we are only able to accept bank transfers or Paypal. We cannot accept direct credit card payments or cheques/checks.

If you would be interested in contributing an article please write to the chair of the editorial board, Toivo Pilli, jebs@ibts.eu.

Some back issues up to and including volume 15 are available from IBTS Centre at reduced rates. Please write to jebs@ibts.eu if you are interested. Back issues from volume 16-18 can be ordered online for €8 each (plus shipping), from volume 19 onwards for €20 each.These will be sent to you directly from the printing company. Please visit Lulu.com to order.

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