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Arts and Mission Conference June 2019



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Aims of the conference

To affirm art for its own sake.  We will focus particularly on the visual and performative arts affirming their intrinsic value in keeping with God’s creative nature and expression in creation. 

To explore gospel, art and mission. We will explore what the gospel has to do with art and what art has to say about the gospel and mission.  The church and the arts share a concern for exorcism, prophecy and healing (confronting evil, proclaiming the gospel and healing of body and mind).  

To seek a prophetic edge. Artists offer a critique of mass culture, as does the gospel. However, sometimes the arts are uncritically embraced by the world and the church, and the message of the gospel is likewise uncritically identified with this or that culture or worldview.  We believe Christian engagement with the arts should bring a prophetic edge to the mission of the church. 

To equip the church in mission. We will seek to demonstrate the role, significance and power of the visual and performing arts in witnessing to the gospel in the life and mission of the church. 


What we hope to achieve from the conference

Through engagement in discussions and workshops we will: 


The Arts and Mission Conference will be an opportunity to explore how we connect the gospel to our culture and how our personal and shared activities can become a place for the world’s transformative encounter with God. Come and join us.

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