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Completed Research Projects

The first completed PhD research project at the Vrije Universiteit was in September 2014, shortly after the offices and library relocated to Amsterdam. The list has been growing steadily.


David McMillanJune 2019.  Convictions, Conflict and Moral Reasoning.

Grant Porter, November 2018. Church Planting Practices among Muslim and Druze Communities in the Near East.

Henrikas Zukauskas, September 2018. The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Relation God-World in the Theology of Yves Congar.

Alex To, September 2018. Lam Chi-fung's Transformative Role in Shaping Hong Kong Baptist Life between 1950 and 1970.

Christopher Schelin, April 2018. The Contestable Church: southern Baptist Ecclesiology in Conversation with Radical Democracy.

Andrew DyckSeptember 2017. Praying Like the Catholics? Enriching Canadian Mennonite Brethren Spirituality through Spiritual Direction, Lectio Divina, and the Taizé Community.

Manuel Ortega MartinezSeptember 2017. Juan de Valdés (c.1490-1541): in Light of his Religious Background.

Gil Dueck, May 2017A Faith of My Own: Convictional Appropriation among Emerging Adults in the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Church.

Lee SpitzerSeptember 2016. "The Hand of Sincere Friendship" The Responses of Baptists in the United States to Nazi Anti-Semitism and the Persecution of the Jewish People, 1933-1948.

Rosa HuntDecember 2015. The Self-Enclosing God. John Chrysostom and Ephrem Syrus on divine self-limitation as a gift of love in Genesis 1-3.

Mike PearsSeptember 2015.  Towards a Theological Engagement with an Area of Multiple Deprivation: The Case of the Cornwall Estate.

George BristowMay 2015. Abraham in Narrative Worldviews: Doing Comparative Theology Through Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Turkey.

Jon Hardin, September 2014. Creating Convictional Community: Missional Spirituality in the Moravian Community of Bethlehem Pennsylvania, 1741-1762.

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