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International Conference 2018

Evangelicals and Oppression: Eastern European Perspectives

18-20 April 2018

A joint IBTSC Amsterdam and EBF Theology and Education Commission conference

Held at the Baptist House, Postjesweg 150, 1061 AX Amsterdam


The conference explored the topic 'Evangelicals and Oppression' in a wide-ranging way and from different angles: oppression that Eastern European Evangelicals have met in their history; elements of oppression that Evangelicals have created themselves in relation to other groups or within their own church life; conflict and community; religious freedom and political pressures; Biblical interpretation and persecution in Evangelical life; spiritual practices in times of persecution and oppression; reception of and reactions to oppression and tensions; practices of forgiveness in historical perspective.

Conference papers will be published in a 2018 issue of the IBTSC Amsterdam journal Baptistic Theologies.

For further information on the conference contact info@ibts.eu 

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