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Nordenhaug Lecture

The Nordenhaug Memorial lectures were established in memory of Dr. Josef Nordenhaug, one time President of the Baptist Theological Seminary, Rüschlikon (1950-1960) and a former Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance (1960-1969).

The aim of the lectureship is to provide lectures given by specialists in their fields and are designed to assist pastors in their work of Christian ministry. 

Recent lectures have been published in our Journal ‘Baptistic Theologies’.

The Nordenhaug Lecturers

David P Gushee (USA) 2015
Cathy Ross (United Kingdom) 2013
Glen H Stassen (USA) 2011
Paul S Fiddes (United Kingdom) 2009
Molly T Marshall (USA) 2007
Michael Hugh Taylor (United Kingdom) 2005
Nancey C Murphy (USA) 2003
Miroslav Volf (Croatia and USA) 2001
I Howard Marshall (United Kingdom) 1999
Humeleng Mosala (South Africa) 1993
Elizabeth Schűssler Fiorenza (Germany) 1992
Gűnther Altner (Germany) 1989
Gűnther Gassmann (Germany)
Emilio Castro (Switzerland)
Jűrgen Moltmann (Germany) 1980
Gene Bartlett (USA) 1978
Jan Milič Lochmann (Switzerland) 1982
David S. Russell (United Kingdom) 1976
Jannes Reiling (the Netherlands)
Nils Engelson (Norway)

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