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"Study at the Heart of the City of Baptist Beginnings"


International Baptist Theological Study Centre Amsterdam

The Baptist House
Postjesweg 175
1062 JN Amsterdam

Tel: 0031 2021 030 25


International Baptist Theological Seminary of the European Baptist Federation o.p.s.

Nad Habrovkou 3
164 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic

Tel: + 420 296 392 311


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International Baptist Theological Study Centre Amsterdam


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Study at the Heart of the city of Baptist beginnings

The IBTS Centre Amsterdam offers a range of flexible post-graduate study opportunities at MA, D Min and PhD level.These are delivered in co-operation with Manchester University, Acadia University, and the VU (Free University) Amsterdam. More information is available on this site. For the most up to date information concerning the programme structures and fees while we redesign our website please contact the Rector, the Rev. Dr Stuart Blythe at


Founded in 1949 in Switzerland IBTS was relocated to Prague in 1997. Since then IBTS in Prague has been a leading centre of post-graduate theological study for Baptist Christians and other evangelical believers in Europe and beyond. Over the summer of 2014 the Seminary is being relocated to Amsterdam where it will continue to serve as a leading European Baptist post-graduate theological study centre to be known as the International Baptist Theological Study Centre Amsterdam (IBTS Centre).

The IBTS Centre has been established as a Vereinging (Association) within the Netherlands and forms part of a new community of organisations known as the Baptist House in Amsterdam. The other members of the community are the Baptist Union of the Netherlands, the Dutch Baptist Seminary and the office of the European Baptist Federation. The new Centre will offer post-graduate opportunities for study and research in conjunction with three other institutions, the VU University Amsterdam, Manchester University in the UK and Acadia University in Canada.

In 2013 IBTS Prague was recognized as a collaborative Centre in the Faculty of Theology of the VU University Amsterdam to offer PhD programmes. Students will continue to research and publish on a wide range of historical, missiological, ethical and theological issues with special attention to applied (practical) theology which takes seriously the cultural context and local church realities.

IBTS Prague also became an approved partner of the Manchester University. Students who successfully complete the IBTS Masters programme will be awarded a Master of Arts degree by Manchester University. The new IBTS Centre Amsterdam will carry on and further develop the relationships with the VU University Amsterdam and Manchester University in the new setting of the Baptist House in Amsterdam. Full details of all our programmes can be found in the Academic Programmes section of the site.

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